Planes on display

Captions on top.

Before going inside to see the planes.

She decided she doesn’t  like to wear headband and she won’t be in the  mood for pictures. I just took my daughter to where there are bombs, yay!

My first time here. I was hoping that I can ride a plane and act like a pilot but it didn’t happen,  not allowed.

Rusty tank and a big gun. She doesn’t want to look at the camera.More planesI don’t like this pic of me but for patriotic purposes, I will post it. I am standing on top of the Philippines.

More map pics.

I wore Wetseal black dress, E.G. Smith black tights, unbranded sandals from my  mom, thrifted necklace, bracelet from a friend. She wore Ralph Lauren shoes ( I got from Ross Dress for Less), gotta look at her dress… it’s Youngland.

I’m still a work in progress when it comes to being fashionable. I try to put pictures with background instead of focusing on the details of my clothes. It’s also a good way for me to keep track of mom-daughter bonding. After a year/s, I can just look at my blog and look back on all the activities/places we did and hopefully, one of these days I can also consider myself to be a fashion blogger.



  1. 1
    ibyang Says:

    nice get-up of you and your baby 🙂 you are both fashionable.

  2. 2
    Nadine Says:

    You look great in your black dress :).

  3. you look amazingly gorgeous in all black!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  4. 4
    Cheryl Says:

    The first thing I noticed was that you’re wearing tights and it look good on you, Ces! 🙂 You look so sexy in black, may sequins ba yung upper portion ng LBD mo,parang kumukutitap,eh. 😉

    Anyway, even if RC wasn’t in the mood, she still looks so pretty.Love her pink dress. 🙂

    Actually I like your blog as is, with travel pictures,fashion,food and lots of bonding with baby RC. A lifestyle blog and not just a fashion blog.:)

  5. 6
    toxic boi Says:

    katuwa naman! looks like you had fun. natawa lang ako sa shirtless mannequin. LOL. ^^

  6. 8
    Ola Says:

    This dress is beautiful! BTW-it is better to have such an e-diary than to post only details of your cloths – it is good method to ‘collect’ memories

  7. 9
    Betina Says:

    you are a gorgeous mom! your baby is so pretty in pink and you are so glamorous in black. lovely blog.

  8. 10
    jasna Says:

    great post!!!love the pictures…:)))**

  9. 11
    jing Says:

    wow.ang bongga naman ni Ms. Ces! you look so sexy on black clothes.the best color talga ang black no?
    beautiful pictures and syempre si RC ay bumubongga din. 🙂

  10. 12
    Leah Says:

    You look marvelous… I love what you’re wearing today. And I love those pics ng trip nyo. Sarap naman, the other day mga dinosaurs, ngayon airplanes naman.

  11. 13
    Phivos Says:

    Awesome pictures with your cute baby!.

  12. 14

    just stumble on your blog. great to see new Filipino bloggers here. 🙂

    you look great in that all black pieces. love the dress paired with the black tights and shoes. plus, your little angel looks really cute in an all pink outfit. both of you look really pretty! 🙂

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