Away from the sales

I’m trying to stay away from the mall and online shopping. This is how we spent our Saturday, by the beach and  at a playground. I haven’t been here in a long time. I think we will start coming here more often, maybe next week.


Playground. She enjoys swinging a lot.

Time to get food and go home. We were tired. She likes sucking her thumb.

We were both wearing Chinese. I did not plan on  having the same clothes but then Chinese clothing is pretty common and we both have it so I decided we can wear it at the same time.

Me: Red top: Papaya, White skirt- Faded Glory, black wedges- Payless, pearl necklace as bracelet- yard sale, sunnies- local store, bag-Ralph Lauren


Her: Chinese outfit from local store, Fisher price sandals, random hat


  1. 1
    Phivos Says:

    So cute the baby and her mommy. Gorgeous pictures. Hugs and kisses from Cyprus! Philip

  2. 2
    Dane Says:

    Aww how nice, youre matching! Shes absolutely adorable.

  3. 3
    I. Grace Says:

    It’s like 22F here, with flurries! All day. Until the weekend! You have no idea how I’m so jealous looking at the clear blue skies and the the beach! =)

    I like your matching outfits and your baby is just uber cute! Specially that shot where she looks like she’s squinting from the sun!

  4. 4
    jasna Says:

    so sweet pictures from u and your baby…love it

  5. i love these pics! u guys look so cute in ur chinese inspired outfits:D good job on self-restraint on shopping…i’m not very good at it haha! yikes!!:D

  6. this is indeed a good way to stay away from the sales.
    spending more time with RC at may photoshoot pa.
    you both look so cute in red!
    it must be the chinky eyes kaya nagmukha na
    kaung chinese. i just wish i can still wear sleeveless outside
    but it’s tooo cold.

    wohooo! christmas is just around the corner. i can feel
    the spirit of christmas here in your blog. i love the new header!

  7. 7
    Cheryl Says:

    You both look so pretty in red and I love your white skirt! RC has a dimple? So cute! 🙂 Sarap talaga kilitiin si RC and hear her giggle. You’re little girl is growing up so fast.

    Missed eating BK or McDO, last night I asked the hubby to have a burger dinner at BK or McDO pero ayaw niya lumabas kasi malamig daw.hehe!

    Anyway, the snow is completely gone so no time to play with it unless we travel pa to another place. Now back to the dry and chilly days.

    Have a lovely week ahead, Ces! 🙂

    PS: You’re header is so Christmas. Love it!

  8. 8
    Ola Says:

    Wow, I envy the whether, here is something about 10 Celsius, chilly wind and winter coming!

  9. 9
    Leah Says:

    You and your daughter are so adorable. Wish ko lang meron din ako daughter but I’m gifted with just two boys. Wala na, ang girl ko na lang dito yung puppy ko.

  10. 10
    denise Says:

    ang cute cute naman talaga. You’re both in red. beautiful mom and daughter. She’s really so pretty. Yesterday husband and i were doing our Christmas shopping for our inaanaks, i just went overboard with a lot of dresses for my god daughters. I love those little dresses.

  11. 11
    Psyche Says:

    the beach looks tempting. 🙂 and i love the expression your baby has on the 2nd picture she’s on the swing. 🙂 makes me want to pisil2x her cheeks. her bonnet reminds me of the bonnet my grandmother used to let me wear when i was a child. 😀

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