Post Halloween/ Saturday @ Buca

Here are our Halloween costumes. We dressed up after Halloween and did not have the chance to do trick-or-treating. I did not buy anything for myself  and I certainly would not wear this outside our apartment. I just found this jersey and thought of wearing it since I bought a cheerleader costume for baby RC. Our apartment was still a mess when this pictures were taken so this is the spot I chose for taking these pics.


I made her pompoms from garland. 071

I think she likes this toy much more than the pompoms.069

Saturday morning, we were early, the restaurant Buca di Beppo was still closed. I worn this socks up high for the picture =), then decided to put it down a little as shown in the lower picture, then I just removed it cause I was not comfortable. I rarely wear socks unless I’m wearing running shoes. I was  just trying to be a little different. 075

I seem to always wear this shiny and quilted Nine West sandals lately. 076

Pic of us inside the resto. This place is very funky and I think the food was delish.083

Pic of her just outside the restaurant. Mydress matches the table cloth. We were also both wearing plaid. One lady even noticed  and said that we have matching clothes. One of the good things about being with RC is that I (I mean she) get a lot of attention lol. I hear the words cute and adorable every time we are outside somewhere. 082



  1. 1
    jasna Says:

    sweet dress and beautiful litlle baby so so sweet…<3

  2. 2
    jasna Says:

    you look great and this baby was so sweet xd

  3. 3
    Phivos Says:

    O! your little baby is so sweet and you are beautiful too! Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your blog also! Lets keep in touch. Kind regards, Philip.

  4. 4
    I. Grace Says:

    Your little girl is so cute, I could squeeze those chubby cheeks!! I love Buca di Beppo too! My fave is their linguine frutti di mare!!

    That’s a fun outfit you have for Halloween! I’ve never done any sporty Halloween costume before but really should try next time, it looks fun!

    PS – thank you so much for your sweet comment on my recent post. You have no idea how it it made my day and made me smile from ear to ear!!!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!


  5. 5
    Uniqua Says:

    I love the halloween outfits !Your baby is too cute !!

  6. 6
    Cheryl Says:

    Cute Halloween outfits! Baby RC definitely deserves the attention because she’s so pretty! 🙂 I was grinning when you commented that your plaid dress matches with the table cloth. Don’t worry you’re dress is a lot prettier than the table cloth. 😉 By the way, you girls make a cute Mom and Daughter pair together. 🙂

    Have a nice day ahead, Ces!

  7. 7
    jing Says:

    I agree! baby RC deserves all those praises. smiling and very pretty pa.
    your outfit is so cute Ms. Cel! Ilove the skirt and sandals! 😀

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