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Away from the sales

November 29, 2009

I’m trying to stay away from the mall and online shopping. This is how we spent our Saturday, by the beach and  at a playground. I haven’t been here in a long time. I think we will start coming here more often, maybe next week.


Playground. She enjoys swinging a lot.

Time to get food and go home. We were tired. She likes sucking her thumb.

We were both wearing Chinese. I did not plan on  having the same clothes but then Chinese clothing is pretty common and we both have it so I decided we can wear it at the same time.

Me: Red top: Papaya, White skirt- Faded Glory, black wedges- Payless, pearl necklace as bracelet- yard sale, sunnies- local store, bag-Ralph Lauren


Her: Chinese outfit from local store, Fisher price sandals, random hat

going japanese on thanksgiving/ blog award

November 27, 2009

We went to a Japanese buffet as a way of celebrating thanksgiving. It is not fancy, not bad for $20 per person plus drinks. I made sure that it is worth it. I only ate an egg a little bit of rice for breakfast so I can eat a lot for this lunch  buffet. There were a lot of people outside waiting for their turn to be seated, so we had to wait too.  They have different kinds of sushi and all kinds of seafood which I was craving for. It was not the traditional turkey  meal.

They have cute decors inside. Here are some pictures.

What we had for lunch. I know the second plate is messy. I got what I think I can eat so I don’t have to keep coming back. The crab legs are my favorite.

This picture was taken when we were waiting outside. That is not our car.

Already at the apartment here, I had to remove my belt, I was stuffed. I’m still recuperating from being so full.  The second pic I cropped my face,  my hair was all over. I had to have oversized bag each time I go out with RC. It’s a way to still use some of my bags instead of  using diaper bags, the black and white shoes I got from K-mart.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. You might have read this over a hundred times but yes — there is so much to be thankful for.


I got my first blog award from Cheryl of Adventures of Pinay Neska.  Thanks a lot! I will pass it to Psyche of My Thrifting Adventures. (I still do not know how to add links here)

new place

November 23, 2009

Pictures of our new apartment. Now, I am really glad that we moved. This place is so much better than the last one, the rent is higher but it is worth it. I have been here for three weeks now and it is just today that I had the chance to see more of the amenities.  Captions are on top.

Just some plants on the side

Elevator, we’re in a much lower floor but I still never use the stairs.

Here is how I get my mail. One of those small squares is ours. At least for now while we stay in this place.  

I don’t have much friends here but hopefully, I can get some people to come over to barbeque with us.

I love these palm trees. The screen on the side is blocking the view of the tennis courts. I just saw today that there are two tennis courts here. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to play tennis.

Parking garage. It has 4 levels.

The recreation area

There’s a jacuzzi! I did not take a shot of the entire jacuzzi because there was a lady using it and I didn’t want to post somebody else’s pic in here without their permission.

The pool area.

The apartments/condos.

Pics of us. I looked like I just got out of bed. I don’t have much motivation to take pics of me lately and these pics are taken using a timer. The small stroller is really great for short walk/trips like this.

For the sake of fashion, I’m loving this leopard print skirt from Moda International. It is a brand carried by Victoria’s secret, I grabbed it really fast at a yard sale.

Fil fastfood

November 18, 2009

I have been going a lot to McDonald’s every morning for breakfast and having easy to prepare foods at home. I missed Filipino foods so last Sunday, I went to a Fil fastfood. This is like a carinderia style except much cleaner.


I ended up having to order  two lunch plates each has a three choice viand (ulam). Yes, all for myself but I was not able to eat all of it so I had to take it  home.

My recent purchases: A walker and  gladiator sandals. I know she might be too old for a walker  but being a paranoid mom that I am, I read somewhere before that it is not recommended so the one I got her before was one that she can only go round and round an activity table, she is 10  months now and  still not walking . I hope this will help her learn and at the same time enjoy the music and toys that are attached to it. I am not in a hurry. It saddens me that she is growing fast but happy at the same time that she is being more independent.

I was going to go buy boots at Aldo’s but none of those I like were on sale so here is the one I got. It’s only $15.00, I can’t complain about the price. This pair is something different from all the sandals I have, I wore it yesterday at work and had nice comments from my co-workers.

Touch of Pink

November 10, 2009

Three people noticed my outfit today at work so I decided to post it.  Most of my coworkers don’t dress up so I am kind of going the same way. We can even wear jeans as long as it is not blue. It doesn’t make much sense to me that they still call that business casual. I am looking down again, it seems my face kept getting bigger lately and my double chin always shows up on pictures so here is a way to hide it. Oh, and I forgot to do the stomach-in for the picture.

I wore JFW dress and Nine West wedges. It is the same as the one I wore in my previous entry except it is color pink. I have three different colors of them.


And of course, a pic of RC just to complete the post. I know mommy needs to comb her hair. 008

Post Halloween/ Saturday @ Buca

November 8, 2009

Here are our Halloween costumes. We dressed up after Halloween and did not have the chance to do trick-or-treating. I did not buy anything for myself  and I certainly would not wear this outside our apartment. I just found this jersey and thought of wearing it since I bought a cheerleader costume for baby RC. Our apartment was still a mess when this pictures were taken so this is the spot I chose for taking these pics.


I made her pompoms from garland. 071

I think she likes this toy much more than the pompoms.069

Saturday morning, we were early, the restaurant Buca di Beppo was still closed. I worn this socks up high for the picture =), then decided to put it down a little as shown in the lower picture, then I just removed it cause I was not comfortable. I rarely wear socks unless I’m wearing running shoes. I was  just trying to be a little different. 075

I seem to always wear this shiny and quilted Nine West sandals lately. 076

Pic of us inside the resto. This place is very funky and I think the food was delish.083

Pic of her just outside the restaurant. Mydress matches the table cloth. We were also both wearing plaid. One lady even noticed  and said that we have matching clothes. One of the good things about being with RC is that I (I mean she) get a lot of attention lol. I hear the words cute and adorable every time we are outside somewhere. 082

Let’s talk about bra

November 5, 2009

Last month was breast cancer awareness month.  Some states had these “Bra for a Cause/Cure” auction/exhibit to raise money to help victims of breast cancer and for research.  I haven’t thought of so many things that you can do with a bra.  Here are some pictures I got from browsing different websites.

Receipt holder:125-TheBuckets'List

Boob bags: (as what they are called)bra9


Wall/Home decorations or just bra art:061-NovelH1N1(Swine)bra6103-ForYourEyesOnly033-BlueFootedBoobies016-GardenBra-WomanEdenForTea056-FightLikeAGirlbra001

bra5snow brapoodle099-Lifesaver024-NestingBlueFootedBoobies091-NoMonkeyBusinessLetsFindACurebildecow

dots bra

This last picture is not part of the “Bra for a Cure/Cause” but this was Shakira’s bra that sold for $3000 in an auction to raise funds for for her Bare Feet Foundation, which at that time was building a school in northern Colombia. The auction was  held early 2008. Just a little bit more to share about bras.shakira