MO and AR

Thanks for those who continue commenting on this blog. You are all so sweet.

Here are our pictures from our trip to Missouri and Arkansas almost two months ago. We just spent a few hours in one spot in Arkansas, I forgot the name of the town but we did see a lot of Missouri driving.  Lots of pictures so I made them smaller. I am in  no way fashionable, if I had known I would really make a blog,  then maybe I would have prepared more, or maybe not. We had to bring the car seat and stroller and the luggages are no longer free. Most of my clothes I brought had repeat performance during the trip. We did not go to touristy places except for the Gateway arch, our main reason for this trip is to visit relatives and to just get away from the usual crazy everyday life in a city. This is my second time in these states and I liked it better this time because it was not snowing.  Captions are on top.

I will just make another post for our pics from San Fran.


@the airport, us getting ready to go020

Inside a room of a house we stayed in, she looks so happy in this picture.


Inside the Gateway Arch, 630 feet high! I got nervous going up.


by the Mississippi river @ the park where the Gateway arch is located360

Museum of Westward Expansion

336view from the top351

behind me is the arch362my first fishing experience with my first fish, sure I do look like a rookie  holding that fish198

201one of my favorite pictures of her107at the back deck168inside a camping trailer, I could live in it. 184she was enjoying the swing a lot283still the two of us180her first hotel, Comfort Inn050


Her second hotel, Airport Inn, hopefully next time will be Hilton hehe. She did not seem to like having a visitor. She was like, “save me from him, mom”

365another pic of us104Pictures from very rural Arkansas140130



  1. 1
    Cheryl Says:

    Hello, Ces!

    Super pretty talaga ni RC. Looks like she isn’t a cry baby. Your pictures are so beautiful, lots of happy moments. Sarap pag may babay, no? Kahit umiiyak minsan. 😉

    We’re still on the process of having one the “regular way”, kung wala pa talaga , we’ll resort to what you’ve suggested. Thanks for the offer, if we decide to do that I’ll e-mail you my 100 questions about it, hahaha!

    Take care!

  2. 2
    I. Grace Says:

    Lovely travel photos! I always enjoy reading travel posts and the story behind each adventure! Can’t wait for your San Fran post! Oh and that pic of your daughter next to another baby and wanting to be held is just so adorable!

    I’ve been to the Gateway Arch before but it’s been 12 years ago! Won’t mind going back there now with my hubby. I haven’t been to Arkansas but I can imagine it to be beautiful and scenic too!

    Have a great Sunday, Ces!


  3. 3
    Uniqua Says:

    Aww, Such a cute baby ! and that fish is BIG ! haha

    thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

  4. 4
    mangotatoes Says:

    hi! thanks for the sweet comment!

    your daughter looks adorable!

  5. beautiful beautiful beautiful photos.

    and you’ve got a very cute, bubbly happy girl there. She’s so cute really. I love the one with the BIG shades. hihihii

  6. 6
    Ola Says:

    the one with glasses is cute!!

  7. hi ces.
    that’s okay kahit di ka fashionable here, maganda ka pa rin.
    mahirap din minsan pumorma esp she’s too small pa.
    just like me, wish i wear shoes with heels but i can’t avoid to carry
    mr. freddy. huh! mahirap na i might tripped over then mabitiwan ko cia.
    now he can walk na, nakakapag high heels na rin ako at nakapag porma!

    omg! baby RC is so cute. with her sunnies! it’s one of my fave pictures of her too.
    chubby cheeks! sarap kurutin.

    ang galing mo naman. nakahuli ka ng fish!
    how did you feel about it?

    ok, i’ve to go na. mr. freddy’s wants me to play with him.

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