Moving soon =)

We’re moving! I will miss this view from the balcony but it is time for something new. I lived here for 3 years and I am excited, even counting the days now.  Now that baby RC is getting more active, it would be safer to move into a lower floor. I wish we could buy a house or at least rent a house but oh well, an apartment unit is what we can afford now.

I wore Express floral dress and F21 cropped cardigan. This black cardigan is one of my favorites, I used it a lot of times already.  The necklace I bought from Jewelry Television  and I actually don’t recommend it. I learned that when it comes to buying accessories, you have to buy it from the store because certainly their pictures or videos on TV/internet are so enhanced that they don’t look like that in reality.  The sandals I got from K-mart, 50% off on already clearance price. I got it for $8.  I need all the help I can get from heels but I accepted a long time ago that I will never get taller no matter how I jump up high every New year’s day.




I bought her more socks last Sunday because her socks are so short already and this umbrella stroller. I think she loves it.




  1. 1

    Hi Ces!

    Thanks for visiting my fashion blog. I really love your outfit here. And your baby is sooo cute too! 🙂


  2. 2
    Mads Says:

    Hi Ces! Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you like it. I’m actually a post-graduate intern, I’m kind of in between being a med student and full-pledged doctor hehe.. few months to go na lang.. I like your shoes, it looks vintage and the color is cute.. Ang ganda ng baby mo! ang cute nung two front teeth..=) Yeah, RC’s safety first before anything else don’t worry maybe when RC is bigger na you can relocate to a house with bonggang bonggang stairs and balcony..=)

  3. 3
    Ola Says:

    Your baby is cute! Thank you for your nice comment, btw.:)

  4. hi ces!
    how are you?
    thank you so much for the comments!
    see you around then.

  5. 5
    I. Grace Says:

    Lovely view! You look really nice in this outfit and your baby girl is soooo adorable!
    Don’t stress yourself out too much with the move! Take care! =)

  6. oh i love your yellow sandals. Am a sucker for yellow. You’re baby girl is sooo cute, so adorable. I wanna have one someday.

    hihihi. have a great day, Congratulations on your new place. That’s really exciting

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  7. 7
    Cheryl Says:

    Awwww! Loving RC’s toothy grin. Sarap halikan and i-embrace. Don’t worry, you’re going to have a new house soon. Right now, for RC muna. 😉

    Love your yellow shoes! I’m small too, very small but I don’t normally wear heels because I walk a lot on cobbled streets. I’m too afraid to sprain my legs. 😉

  8. 8

    ohhh your baby is such a cutie. and too bad you’re moving. the view is fantastic!

    click here to visit me at mode junkie!

  9. 9
    toxic boi Says:

    awww… so cute! ^^ and i like your shoes!

  10. 10

    hahaha..i remember that routine every New Year’s eve.
    I’ve to jumped up para tumangkad but it didnt happen.
    huh! im only 5’2”.

    wow! i love the view from your balcony. very beautiful.
    don’t u worry, magkakaroon din kau ng bahay someday.

    ey, i like the shoes in Kmart too. they have good selection of shoes.
    btw, baby RC is so cute. Hehe..she has teeth na. it’s nice to her in
    all pink. skyblue nman for mr. freddy.

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