Past days off ago- Part 2

These photos were taken before baby RC came along. I really tried to enjoy life and I still do, except I have more limitations now. I am actually much happier now than I used to be, it’s been a blast being a mom but the big question is, “When will I sleep?”. She has been sleeping well at night from when she was 4-7 months but then the last two months got harder.

Most of these were from 2007 and some early 2008. Excuse some of the awkward clothes I wore, just look at the  background. I think I’ve been to some cool places and I am a fan of nature so it’s good to live here.

I am thinking of posting some of our pictures from our Arkansas/Missouri trip and we also spent two days in San Francisco, CA so those few people who check my blog can expect these pictures to be posted soon. We were there Aug 28- Sept 6 of this year so it was just more than a month ago.

flowersyellowstripegreen1orangeredgiftbotanicalcondocar7light house



  1. 1
    Cheryl Says:

    That leafy palm tree reminds me of my grandma’s house. She had that same plant in her garden. You’re so chika wearing that one sided stripe top. 😉 Traveling is so nice,no? Wish we all have the money to travel and see more exotic places.

    I would love be a MOM too and I don’t care having sleepless nights while caring for my baby. They say a smile and a laugh from your little one is worth all the sacrifices in the world. That I’d hope to experience. 🙂

    By the way, they’re selling cute patterned tights over there. Try it when the weather turns cooler, at least diyan, the tights are thinner. 😉

  2. you really have great sense of style. I love the asymmetrical top especially. Love love it.

    Anyway how do you manage to look the same ?

    Koffy’s still our baby until now. When we got him, he was just 7 weeks old. Parang tao na baby din. Ang hirap. But now malaki na sya hindi na sya nampupuyat. Anyway e-compare ba naman ang tao sa dog? Ang difference koffy poops and pees on the floor. hihihi. I think may konting similarities cos Koffy lives inside of home with us since we got him, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. hihihii.

  3. 3
    Uniqua Says:

    Thanks ! I love your pictures 🙂


  4. 4
    jasna Says:

    sweet picutures

  5. 5
    jing Says:

    very beautiful place! i envy you ms. ces!
    sexy sexy naman. 😀

  6. beautiful photos, mommah!

    i think we have the same problem. i could hardly get enough
    sleep too but good thing my hubby’s always there to get up in the
    very early morning to take care of mr. freddy. being a mom, is a tough job but it’s all
    worth the pain. being a full time mom, i’ve no day off, it’s 24/7 job. huh! wait ’til she can walk,
    geeez you will be worn out chasing her. now, i realized my parents and friends said that
    enjoy your life while being single because everything changed when you have a baby. it’s very true!

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