Miss Philippines gowns

My baby RC is sick so I had to stay home yesterday and today. She is doing better today but I still might not work tomorrow. I noticed that in between taking care of her, I kept clicking on the same blogs over and over so I tried to divert my search to another topic. This pageant was held May 2009.  I was not able to watch it so I don’t have a pick on these beautiful ladies but it was still good to browse on these gowns. Aren’t a lot of Filipinas gorgeous? I am from there so maybe I am biased.





  1. 1
    Cuter than a button Says:

    Che and Mr Freddy’s mom, my little girl is doing a lot better now. I was able to work today. Thanks for your concern and for your continued comments on my humble blog.

  2. 2
    Cheryl Says:

    Hello, Ces!

    How’s your pretty little one? Sorry to hear that she’s sick, I hope that she gets well soon.

    They say that Filipinas are very beautiful, young looking and are very good wives too once they get married. 😉 A lot of men and women in here told me that and so I’m not making this up and so I’m proud to be one. The thing is, Filipinos prefer mestizo/mestiza beauties, don’t know why. Colonial mentality?

    Take care and little kisses to RC. 🙂

  3. hi mommah!
    how’s your lil’ girl doing?
    i hope she’s feeling better na.

    thanks for sharing the beauty pageant photos.
    i can’t remember this event anymore.
    true! we’re beautiful and i’m always proud to be a filipino.

    have a good afternoon.

  4. 4

    Send us your look, and be part of Look 10.

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