Past days off ago

There’s a lot of pics in these entry. I mostly enjoy the weekends which are also my days off. I still have a lot of pics from previous months/years so maybe there will be Past Days Off Part 2. 

I’m still always wearing the ultimate Filipino casual wear which is blouse and jeans especially on the weekends. I notice I do not have any boots, yay! Now, looking at so many blogs, I want one so badly. I rarely see anybody here wearing them. 60+ degrees here is considered chilly and it rarely happens.  Most days are 80+ to 90+ degrees, and it could get freakingly hot outdoors.

I have to learn more about blogging. I want to update my page, add categories, links, but life has been just busy. I am glad I can still do this.  Our washer and dryer are running while I type.

Green dress- Rampage, Purple stripe top- Forever 21, Brown long top- local store, Jeans- from Philippines, black sandals- from my mom, brown gladiator sandals- Covington.



  1. you have a very beautiful daughter. she’s got your smile. i want to have one too someday. hmmmm that someday hopefully will be next year.
    btw i love your third outfit. Am a sucker for dresses. Perfect for our weather here and your place is soooo nice. hope to see more of you.

    have a great day.

  2. 2
    Cheryl Says:

    You’re little girl’s smile is so contagious! Cute flower headband too. 😉 When you live in a tropical country, wearing boots is definitely uncomfortable. While I was there, I usually wear open-toed sandals , very thin and flowy shirts and shorts almost all the time.hehehe! This is my usual get-up when running around.

    Your mini-dress looks so comfy!

  3. 3
    jing Says:

    hello po ms. Ces! i would love to go ukay-ukay with you.hehe. my mom is an ukay queen pero netong college ko lng naappreciate ang ukay. it’s my therapy already and ang saya kasi mura na at may quality pa.hehe.

    lovely photos. i love the place and the baby!

  4. hi how are you?
    you have an adorable baby with her pink headband.
    she has the sweetest smile everrr.
    how old is she, btw?
    stay sexy, mommah!

    have a good night.

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