warm sunday


This is one of the gardens here at the city where we live. I like it cause it is not crowded like the others. Anyway, I think my blog will probably be more of a mommy blog than fashion. Buf of course, I so love fashion blogs. My weekends are actually the dress down days and that is when I am able to be with my baby all day and take pictures.

We ate at a sushi restaurant then went to the garden last Sunday.

I wore velvet black Banana Republic top, the straps are already tearing a bit, Esprit shorts, Calvin Klein sunglasses,  espadrille from Payless and random accessories.  My pictures are bigger in this post. =)



  1. 1
    jing Says:

    your baby is so beautiful.fashionista yan pag laki for sure.hehe

  2. 2
    cherie Says:

    hi! it’s my first time on your blog ( i saw your link with Che of Adventures of Pinay Neska) and i have to say that your baby is so cute! Your shoes I like too and welcome to the blogging world!


    • 3
      Cuter than a button Says:

      i would add you to my blogroll too. thanks for the warm welcome. now i feel that blogging is really for me.

  3. 4
    Cheryl Says:

    Hello, Ces!

    Now that I’ve seen you and your baby girl together I could say that she’s definitely a mini-me version of you. 🙂 She’s so pretty!

    That’s a very comfortable outfit and the amber colored bracelet is so cute. 🙂 I love parks especially when they have lots of trees and flowers. Strolling around them makes me feel alive and it relaxes me.

    Hope you’re having a beautiful week.!


    • 5
      Cuter than a button Says:

      yes, i love parks and i’ve been to all the botanical gardens here in my area. thanks =)

  4. hi, welcome to the world of blogging!
    you’re so blessed to have a beautiful baby.
    she’s so cutie patutie.
    sorry to your husband, she does look like you.lol!
    beautiful photos! so precious!

    p.s thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll.
    i would love to have you on my list too. i’m adding you right now!


    • 7
      Cuter than a button Says:

      thanks for the comment and for adding me too to your blogroll, she definitely looks more like me lol.

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