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San Francisco – 2 months ago

October 25, 2009

Pictures from San Francisco, we only went out one afternoon.  I like this place. I am already thinking of going back there next year. Hopefully, it will happen.

Downtown San Francisco


at the bottom of Lombard Street in San Francisco, known to be World’s/ America’s crookedest street. But according to some websites and Ripley’s Believe it or not,  the twisting snake alley in Iowa  is the crookedest.  This picture was after driving down this street. Good thing, we had to be slow or I was going to be dizzy. 478

behind me is the Golden Gate bridge, we also drove across it.


Palace of  Fine Arts, this is a really cool place. I recommend it and it’s free. 449

One of the best part is eating at Jollibee485

BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit) train515Going home, flying economy. I always wondered how it is to fly first class. It does not really matter but just want to experience it… someday. I like flying bigger planes vs. medium sized planes. She did good on the planes. We had a total of 5 plane rides. I am so proud of her.519

MO and AR

October 23, 2009

Thanks for those who continue commenting on this blog. You are all so sweet.

Here are our pictures from our trip to Missouri and Arkansas almost two months ago. We just spent a few hours in one spot in Arkansas, I forgot the name of the town but we did see a lot of Missouri driving.  Lots of pictures so I made them smaller. I am in  no way fashionable, if I had known I would really make a blog,  then maybe I would have prepared more, or maybe not. We had to bring the car seat and stroller and the luggages are no longer free. Most of my clothes I brought had repeat performance during the trip. We did not go to touristy places except for the Gateway arch, our main reason for this trip is to visit relatives and to just get away from the usual crazy everyday life in a city. This is my second time in these states and I liked it better this time because it was not snowing.  Captions are on top.

I will just make another post for our pics from San Fran.


@the airport, us getting ready to go020

Inside a room of a house we stayed in, she looks so happy in this picture.


Inside the Gateway Arch, 630 feet high! I got nervous going up.


by the Mississippi river @ the park where the Gateway arch is located360

Museum of Westward Expansion

336view from the top351

behind me is the arch362my first fishing experience with my first fish, sure I do look like a rookie  holding that fish198

201one of my favorite pictures of her107at the back deck168inside a camping trailer, I could live in it. 184she was enjoying the swing a lot283still the two of us180her first hotel, Comfort Inn050


Her second hotel, Airport Inn, hopefully next time will be Hilton hehe. She did not seem to like having a visitor. She was like, “save me from him, mom”

365another pic of us104Pictures from very rural Arkansas140130

Moving soon =)

October 20, 2009

We’re moving! I will miss this view from the balcony but it is time for something new. I lived here for 3 years and I am excited, even counting the days now.  Now that baby RC is getting more active, it would be safer to move into a lower floor. I wish we could buy a house or at least rent a house but oh well, an apartment unit is what we can afford now.

I wore Express floral dress and F21 cropped cardigan. This black cardigan is one of my favorites, I used it a lot of times already.  The necklace I bought from Jewelry Television  and I actually don’t recommend it. I learned that when it comes to buying accessories, you have to buy it from the store because certainly their pictures or videos on TV/internet are so enhanced that they don’t look like that in reality.  The sandals I got from K-mart, 50% off on already clearance price. I got it for $8.  I need all the help I can get from heels but I accepted a long time ago that I will never get taller no matter how I jump up high every New year’s day.




I bought her more socks last Sunday because her socks are so short already and this umbrella stroller. I think she loves it.


Past days off ago- Part 2

October 17, 2009

These photos were taken before baby RC came along. I really tried to enjoy life and I still do, except I have more limitations now. I am actually much happier now than I used to be, it’s been a blast being a mom but the big question is, “When will I sleep?”. She has been sleeping well at night from when she was 4-7 months but then the last two months got harder.

Most of these were from 2007 and some early 2008. Excuse some of the awkward clothes I wore, just look at the  background. I think I’ve been to some cool places and I am a fan of nature so it’s good to live here.

I am thinking of posting some of our pictures from our Arkansas/Missouri trip and we also spent two days in San Francisco, CA so those few people who check my blog can expect these pictures to be posted soon. We were there Aug 28- Sept 6 of this year so it was just more than a month ago.

flowersyellowstripegreen1orangeredgiftbotanicalcondocar7light house

Miss Philippines gowns

October 13, 2009

My baby RC is sick so I had to stay home yesterday and today. She is doing better today but I still might not work tomorrow. I noticed that in between taking care of her, I kept clicking on the same blogs over and over so I tried to divert my search to another topic. This pageant was held May 2009.  I was not able to watch it so I don’t have a pick on these beautiful ladies but it was still good to browse on these gowns. Aren’t a lot of Filipinas gorgeous? I am from there so maybe I am biased.



Past days off ago

October 10, 2009

There’s a lot of pics in these entry. I mostly enjoy the weekends which are also my days off. I still have a lot of pics from previous months/years so maybe there will be Past Days Off Part 2. 

I’m still always wearing the ultimate Filipino casual wear which is blouse and jeans especially on the weekends. I notice I do not have any boots, yay! Now, looking at so many blogs, I want one so badly. I rarely see anybody here wearing them. 60+ degrees here is considered chilly and it rarely happens.  Most days are 80+ to 90+ degrees, and it could get freakingly hot outdoors.

I have to learn more about blogging. I want to update my page, add categories, links, but life has been just busy. I am glad I can still do this.  Our washer and dryer are running while I type.

Green dress- Rampage, Purple stripe top- Forever 21, Brown long top- local store, Jeans- from Philippines, black sandals- from my mom, brown gladiator sandals- Covington.

Odd shoes, odd pants

October 10, 2009

 I found this odd pictures via Google search. Pictures are from WordPress, Google and Yeeta. I think many bloggers have seen most of these since a lot of fashion blogs are so into shoes.

I hope I don’t offend anyone with these pictures. I just find them interesting and thought of sharing.

from Japan

from Japan



warm sunday

October 6, 2009


This is one of the gardens here at the city where we live. I like it cause it is not crowded like the others. Anyway, I think my blog will probably be more of a mommy blog than fashion. Buf of course, I so love fashion blogs. My weekends are actually the dress down days and that is when I am able to be with my baby all day and take pictures.

We ate at a sushi restaurant then went to the garden last Sunday.

I wore velvet black Banana Republic top, the straps are already tearing a bit, Esprit shorts, Calvin Klein sunglasses,  espadrille from Payless and random accessories.  My pictures are bigger in this post. =)

my baby love

October 2, 2009


My daughter, these are her first pictures taken by a photographer. She is definitely more fashionable than her mommy. She was exactly 7 months old in this picture and she is now 9 months old.