Hello world!

Hello world!??? Okay, I won’t change the title of this post. It is what WordPress gave me as first entry. I haven’t thought so much about this blog when I made it. It is actually September 28 now and trying to update this post. 

I have been following a lot of fashion blogs lately and I found it quite addictive. I check them everyday and I kept thinking I should made one. But to be honest, I am not the fashionable type. Short (I did not even reach 5 feet tall), dark… I don’t want to type  “this is the fashion of the somewhat ugly” ( I just did). It will be kinda like that. But hey, this is my blog and at times I really feel pretty. I guess every woman is pretty in their own ways. I must admit that a lot of reasons why I can’t just keep up with the fashion world, especially now. My work starts sooo early… earlier than 7 am. I have an almost 9 month old daughter. She means the world to me.  I still get pimples, I have three right now. My hair is just always on ponytail as I will be “big-haired” if I don’t unless I iron or blow dry it. I don’t have any talent in putting make up and of course I am just plain lazy most of the days. But I so love clothes, I have a lot. I just started thrifting aside from going to cheap local stores.  I buy online too. Some of my favorite mall outlets here are Wetseal and Forever 21. I also love shopping from Sears, Macys and Ross Dress for Less.

I will try not to put so much personal information on  here. I notice that on  most blogs, it is another great reason to blog, you can choose whatevery you put on here. I thought about putting sunglasses all the time on my pictures but I don’t think I can do that. Editing the pictures will take so much time for me as I am not that technical either. So here it is, my own blog. I already expect most of the entries won’t be edited before they are posted so there will be wrong grammars and maybe wrong spellings. I will try to put pictures intead of texts. I do not have a  high-tech camera but I still love what I have, it’s very handy.

So here I am…. I welcome myself into the blogging world!


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    Leah Says:

    Hi there! I was looking for something about you like your complete details, where are you based etc. I chanced upon your site in one of the Filipino bloggers sites. I’m Leah, a mom of two teenage boys, a photographer and a fashion addict.

    Sarap kasi if we get connected with other Filipina bloggers kaya I’m on the look-out for some really interesting ones. Siempre dami naman talaga but you can’t just choose anybody. I love your blog.

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